Dark Chocolate Each Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Okay, I will be real honest – the title already left me with wanting a chocolate bar!

Chocolates don’t need any kind of introduction, all of us love it. Hands down.

While I was reading an online post, I got to know that chocolates are real-healers! They perfectly on multiple health issues. To put more light on this, keep reading this space. 

Dark Chocolate Facts – The Sweet & Natural Healer

If you have 1.6 ounces of a chocolate bar every day, then it’s actually good for your health. This was said by Mary Engler, Ph.D., RN from the University of California. She later conducted a study on two groups of adults who were asked to eat one chocolate bar each day for the whole week. One group had the flavonoid-rich chocolate, while the other group had chocolates with flavonoids taken out. In Every meal, you should make sure to eat better food. Good food for healthy hair and other things too.

Dark Chocolate Facts

Blood tests were taken, and guess who won?

The group who took the cocoa-rich chocolate (with the flavonoids) won, as they had better blood flow. Better blood flow is a good thing for hearts.

#1 Dark Chocolates Are The Best Anti-Oxidants

If you are trying to burn the fat quicker, then you may have a piece of dark chocolate and increase the metabolism rate. Make sure the chocolate has at least 65% of cacao in it, and take it only 1 to 2 ounce in a day.

#2 Fights The Free Radicals

Well, the flavonoids and the anti-oxidants are great in fighting those free radicals that mainly cause aging, and diseases like cancer, heart ailments, etc.

#3 Instant Mood Booster!

The palmitic and the stearic acid present in the chocolates helps in boosting the activities of the neural portions of the brain. Therefore, it’s not a myth anymore – have scientific reasons for it!

#4 Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Studies have proven that people who ate more chocolates in a week were 37% lower at the risk of heart disease.

#5 Prevents Cancer

Even though the pieces of evidence are low, the study is still on. The studies conducted in Asia, Europe, and North America showed that the people who were high on flavonoids or anti-oxidant diets produced fewer cancer cells compared to those who didn’t have chocolates.

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